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New Music: David King, Glorious Days Retrospective (2003-2015): Montage (2016) High-Res
Article/interview by writer Brandon Bryn about the Glorious Days 'Montage', the compilation track that became the cornerstone of the SoundCloud retrospective of my music.

Brandon Bryn, 'New Music', 2016  


Past articles about my individual and collaborative work.

Expressions In The Arts: David King (Scholarly Pursuits, 2013)
Article gives a basic genesis story and description of the New Style, a year after it was first published.

'Expressions In The Arts - David King'  

Ben Famous: The Promise

The background and process behind Ben Famous's album The Promise, featuring my production and vocals.
Ben Famous 'Album Release', 2015

Cynical Minded: The Lone Wolf Project
(various press/blogs - AllUnsigned, RisingHype, iTunes, etc. 2014)

Executive prodution, all music production/orchestration (under "D-Hype") + engineering and video direction
on the critically-acclaimed 2014 concept album by MD artist Cynical Minded. Both video premieres ("Genesis" and "Crying Over You") were also covered.

CM,D-Hype-Crying Over You Video
The Lone Wolf Project, 2014

Four-In: Various
(MTV Artists, various blogs 2011-2012)

Production and video direction for the dynamic and diverse MD hip-hop group Four-In, under "D-Hype".

Four-In - MTV Artists  

Beatles 'White Album' 40th Anniversary Tribute Album: UMD Music Blog
(UMD Music Blog 2008)

In 2008 I contributed a cover/remix of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" to University of Maryland's UMD Music Blog.
David King - Beatles UMD Music Blog