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"Looking out over Park Shore in cloudy blue light around 5 AM - the first thought distracted me - write this whole experience down as a composition in itself - a full, united programmatic description of these Naples events leading to a written description of the nature style pieces I'd been unable to practically create, so you'd see the genesis and the result. Thinking then of the potential of this description, especially liberation of rendering, I began seeing a new domain beyond physical music, what I now call “theoretical composition”, breaking from all music, modern or otherwise, into what feels like the ‘blinding revelation’ - an explicit task to discover and organize the impossible - with “full commitment” to breaking any constraint and creating physically impossible concepts, naming them. They then can inform the modules in their task to represent philosophy. The benefits far outweigh the inherent absurdity (which was a desired trait anyway), puts me in permanent rarified air, no barriers in physical space, up there with theoretical physicists. Looked at Proust and Joyce as analogues, concept map and layering for format…It can only be labeled visionary, now the only criterion is the quality of the visions. We said goodbye outside and I walked over to The Village, I sat on the bridge thinking about the possibilities."
- March 29th, 2010, the "birth of theoretical composition"

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." - Hamlet, Act 1

"Everyone needs to understand the necessity of arts and music" - June 2007

"Genius knows what to do" - June 2010

"One must live an extraordinary life to make up for the loss of an ordinary one" - May 2008

"A compositional possibility, once exposed, can never die." - written in response to a Greg Sandow blog post, February 2010

"NS should not be limited in any way" - January 2011

"Currently the new style takes precedence - this is its “height”, the year of its fruition." - January 2011

"You can't fake preparedness" - February 2013

"I said to myself, I want to be crying, sweating, thinking, tired, hungry, sore and exhausted, lying on the floor with breath heaving, one arm stretching up toward the piano, fingers of my hand hanging off its keys - the other arm stretched out parallel to my side, pen creating a long shadow on the paper where I emphatically sketched my next great composition, whose light stands over me like Colossus of Rhodes with all the life I have transferred into it, like an I.V. of pure divine inspiration." - March 2007

"Optimism is radical - as audacious as genius?" - July 2011

"Even the greatest composer of all time is easily outweighed by the totality of all other composers - it's not even close." - April 2011

"Turn the fear/into energy" - Marvin Gaye, "Ego Trippin'" from In Our Lifetime?

"Good is the enemy of great"

"This stage of my life - patiently contemplating, painstakingly assembling my vision, hopefully is burst open and rubbed raw by something new and devastating, in a productive way." - February 2006, "expanded beat"

"Perhaps the point of life is asymmetry of information." - January 2010

"There are two kinds of brilliance in this world - that which touches everything it can, and that which removes itself from this level of involvement, instead searching for a more permanent sense of the elemental." - November 2009

"We support the ideal, but worry about its implications, yet if we qualify ideals too much, we lack something definitive to refer to. Such is the complicating nature of reality...to which my mind always naggingly and idealistically responds "it doesn't have to be that way"..." - February 2010

"Ultimately, there are more interesting, basic questions than [the vast majority] of musicians are willing to ask." - February 2011

"This is the ‘transfigured world’ - the real-life domain of someone facing death. It’s deeply poetic, tragic and looms larger than I ever imagined. It’s not funny at all - it’s like a vacuum - a real person dying, the energy gone, memory shut down, the being who once was vital, impactful, thoughtful, loving and intense is gone - in any sense we can perceive. How can that happen? The individual-scale philosophical mystery of all time..."
             - March 2010, during death of Grandfather

"I looked at the world like ancient cultures, so expansive and mystical, tide out, the monolithic clouds, infinite sea, pure sky. And the human being is put on the earth amongst all natural wonders, participates for a moment in time and then is physically gone. How can I express my creativity on the highest level? - nature style origin, January 2010

“Man can become too concerned with making a living rather than making a life” - Martin Luther King

"As we talk, events may overtake us" - February 2010

             "Joyce as the inverse of Wittgenstein - whereas Witt considers language imperfect and inexact enough to warrant “saying nothing” as an ideal, Joyce uses language to the highest level of complexity and potential of use.
                “What you would have to know” to write like Joyce theoretically extends to comprehensive understanding of everything - language, vocabulary, history, politics, literature, mythology, religion, psychology, culture, vocabulary, humor, form, even the hard sciences - even if he just mentions or utilizes them for a moment (sentence or less) in a 700-page work - Joyce exposes the “poverty of directness” - on Joyce, April 2011
"Esotericism is perhaps the highest goal - we are wired to understand things that are almost entirely and deliberately accessible - common vocabularies, domains/subjects/disciplines - even professionals and academics share common knowledge within their field. Creating something that is only understandable to you is an almost impossible achievement - it combines the new and the cryptic, which you aren’t wired to understand. Paradoxically, the creation of esotericism depends on your being able to understand something you’re not supposed to understand, yet you have to understand it in order to create it. Is it genius that breaks this paradox?" - April 2011

"All human progress is inherent in one caveman" - 'first man on earth', August 2012

"Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent" - Wittgenstein, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus

"What we are witnessing is the death of a dream that never had a chance; that never should have been taken seriously - unless it is first segregated from reality. We can then honor the dream by preserving it in its rightful place - the ‘mental space’ of the dreamer, those intangible, fleeting flashes of “déjà vu”. It should have never been allowed to hit the air of reality, where it would predictably choke."
- on fantasy and "childhood images" of life, November 2009

"There can no longer be a “public Beethoven” or “public Bach” - any composer today who is exalted by the public to that degree has inherently ignored the advances in music over the last century, and because of this, there would be a huge gulf between the acclamation of the public and acclamation by specialists. Acclamation by one group prevents acclamation by the other - they are mutually exclusive."
             - “Public Beethoven” paradox, February 2011